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From: Barry Friedman
To: Entertainers around the world

I’m going to keep this short because most of you know me. You’ve either taken my Free 7-Day Training Course, been enrolled as a coaching client, or witnessed me as a performer playing big in the world since 1982. I feel safe keeping introductions and ‘authority building’ down to a minimum. If that’s not the case – Google me. It won’t take long for you to realize that you’d do well to know what I know about the business of show business.

An Abbreviated History
In January of 2009 I created an online training course for entertainers. It’s called Get More Corporate Gigs because that is what it shows members how to do. And it works. Somewhere on this page you’ll see a small sampling of testimonials from the over 500 people that have gone through the course.

This program is rock-solid and shows entertainers exactly how to turn their act into a business. They use that know-how to connect with clients in a way that matters, and book better shows. That has gives them the ability to do what they love, support their family, and equally as important for many alumni – understand and accept that their dream was indeed possible.

Jeff_Testi[1]They make this happen by doing the work and putting to use what they learn from the library of video, audio, and written lessons. They dig deeply into what it actually takes to attract, engage, and deliver to clients in any market.

The course also contains a member forum which currently contains over 5,000 posts that dig even deeper into the lessons, specific situations, site reviews, suggestions, tips/tricks, and full on case studies. I have no qualms about saying it is the most comprehensive collection of conversations on the business of show business for variety performers in the world. None.

Niels_TestiWhile this site has been a valuable resource for many entertainers, there are thousands who took my 7-Day Free Training Course and never joined the membership site. Often on a follow up survey I would hear that people didn’t want to invest that much money in their career!

Yes – many let $37 a month stand between staying exactly where they were, and acquiring the knowledge and mentorship to create a career that actually matters! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t heard it myself.

A Challenge From My Mastermind Group
I am a firm believer the power of mastermind. I recommend everyone that wants to play bigger in their career connect with others that have their back, look for weaknesses in their plan, and call them out – point blank – when they believe someone in the group is riding on easy street.

And that is exactly what happened to me.

In 2011, was riding strong. I was actively adding value to the community by doing private coaching, engaging members in the forums, doing private website reviews, and for-hire copywriting. In terms of the progress, however, I was coasting and one of the members of my mastermind group called me to the center ring.

He told me I was taking the safe way and it was time to step it up. That led to the rest of group climbing up my you-know-what and by the end of the 1-hour hotseat I had come up with the name ShowBiz Blueprint – A Group Coaching Program for Entertainers who Want to Master the Business of Show Business. That program is currently in it’s 7th session and isn’t launching again until Fall of 2014.

That’s the power of a mastermind group – and they just did it again! 

I’ve been building a new business and honestly, it is growing at a speed I never saw coming. And my mastermind group – that same guy in fact – has pulled me back into the center. Seems he likes to do this every 2 years! He’s challenged me to take something off my plate so that I can give more of my energy to the new project, and he had me take inventory.

Get More Corporate Gigs has Changed from a Monthly Membership Site, to an All-Access Pass, and You Can Get it for a Single Payment of $297

BillHertzTestiYou’ve practiced your art, bought the right tricks and costumes, invested in the website and promotional materials and you’re still not booking the right shows for the right fee.

I know. I’ve heard it a thousand times and there is a cure. It’s called education and hard work.

The typical entertainer that is trying to make a living through his art is convinced that sooner or later the right clients will discover him/her and the bookings will flow.

How has that been working so far?

Steve_TestiThis program is not a magic bullet. There is no such thing and anyone that tells you there is needs to put their pie back in the oven for another 30-minutes of baking.

What this program offers is real-world advice, blueprints, tricks/tips/techniques that will put you in the groove of what matters to clients.

The forums have over 5,000 posts that cover every topic, question, review, shortcut, or strategy you could imagine.

You already know what doing the same thing gets you. If you are willing to do the work, and make a modest financial investment in the ‘business’ part of your show business career, act now on this special offer.

At $297 for the entire course, you are spending pennies on the dollar for what you’ll be able to do with the content over the life of your career.

PaulTestiIf You Want In – Do it Now
I’m offering this because entertainers are historically business-challenged and the techniques in here work. Getting stuff done is about getting off your butt and taking action.

Coaching and Interaction with Barry
Running this as a monthly membership site required a lot of my time with forum interaction, member management, and adding new content.

While I will continue to visit the forums when topics pop up that haven’t been covered, I will not be in them daily, or even weekly. No private coaching is available through this offer. If spots for private coaching open up they will be available only to members of

Get comfortable with the ‘search’ feature of the forum and you’ll have ideas and guidance that will support you as you stretch and create the career that you want. 

Actually, your decision to invest in yourself is a bit of a no brainer because it’s backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. Simply put, this means that you cannot lose.

Digest the material for 30 days. You’ll have access to everything! Put at least 6 of the techniques to use – you’ll have over 100 to choose from. If you are not completely convinced that this program will show you how to book better shows, charge higher fees, and build better relationships with your clients, I will happily and promptly refund your investment. No questions asked.

Use the buttons below for your one-time payment for a lifetime membership in

Welcome to the new way of booking shows.

Barry Friedman

PS... There are at least a dozen ideas that you can implement by tomorrow night that will immediately recoup your investment in this program. Nothing in this program was produced to be entertaining – you must take action!

This program is no longer for sale.

It is a supplemental bonus to members of ShowBiz Blueprint.